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St Andrews in Focus - Issue 84 Sep / Oct 2017

From the Editor

Flora Selwyn

Hamish McHamish lives on; alas, not in the flesh I hasten to add, but in a new revised edition of the wonderful book Susan McMullan wrote in 2012 (see the review in Issue 55, Nov/Dec 2012). Renamed, Hamish McHamish Legend of St Andrews the book has a new Introduction reflecting events in the years up to both Hamish’s and Marianne Baird’s sad passing. Included also are photos with captions of the unique launch of the cat’s statue in 2014. Susan’s lovably apposite comments make the book a sheer delight. Amidst all the present world’s troubles it is heartwarming that a beautiful cat was able to knit the St Andrews community together, even spreading his fame globally, and that his memory looks set to continue forever. I confess that even now I vaguely look for Hamish to reappear somewhere in the town he loved – foolish I know, but still… Perhaps I should ask the ghost-tour operator if he’s glimpsed Hamish’s ghost yet.

Andy Mackie, Manager of Print and Design, who has supported this magazine from the start, has retired after more than 30 years with the University. We will all miss you, Andy, but wish you many happy years of stress-free enjoyment doing what you love most.

Flora Selwyn 

(Photo of your Editor, thanks to Peter Adamson)

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