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St Andrews in Focus is your local community magazine. Whether you live here, are just visiting or have cherished memories of your time here, St Andrews in Focus highlights all that is great about our beautiful town.

Launched in 2003, the magazine has provided a unique insight into the immensely rich and varied life and times of the town. Each issue of St Andrews in Focus is packed with features on the town’s people, their favourite shops and eating places, its maritime tradition, theatre and cinema, its top-rated University, and the world-famous Golf courses.

Originally started with the intention of strengthening the sense of community, increasing town/gown co-operation, and boosting business through information and advertising, it has become an appreciated part of town life. Newcomers to the town in particular have been grateful to the magazine for helping them feel welcomed in the community.

Published six times a year, the magazine has well-written articles, illustrated with high quality photographs, drawings, even cartoons. St Andrews in Focus records how the town evolves. It welcomes new businesses, celebrates their successes, offers them advertising to help them grow, while making them known far and wide.

St Andrews in Focus is not only inward looking. Whilst seven thousand copies are distributed free within the town itself, including to all the major hotels, it has subscribers in every part of Britain, from the Scottish Islands to the Scilly Isles, and all around the world. Now it is also available, free, in the Media Walls at Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports. Readership is estimated to be in excess of 25,000.

In 2005, some eighteen months after its launch, St Andrews in Focus was delighted to be Highly Commended by the prestigious PPA (Professional Publishers Association, Scotland) in the ‘Best Small Publishing Company’ category. In 2009 the Rotary Club of St Andrews awarded the editor its highest Award for Service to the Community. Why not treat someone you know to a year’s subscription for £15 (through PayPal, account: editor@standrewsinfocus.com).

Entire back copies can be viewed by clicking on Latest Issue & Archives in the tool bar.