Digital Issue 101

From the Editor

I’ve been feeding my optimism, not necessarily a receptive animal at this difficult time. Nevertheless I don’t give up.

I sincerely hope you are coping with everything Covid-19, retaining your own optimism as best you can. After all, one needs as much energy to be miserable as to be reasonably content, and our nation has always been known for resilience in the face of adversity.

This all-digital edition 101 of the magazine is partly by way of experiment, as well as necessity. I’ll by pleased to have your reactions. You can find the full contents below. To read the articles, either click on the short introductions or on ‘Read Article’. If my optimism decides to reward me, issue 102 will be both digital and back in print, fingers crossed!

Harking back a little, Issue 100 was well received, and I am grateful for your congratulations and encouraging comments. I was delightfully surprised to have the bells ringing out of the Holy Trinity Church for ‘Happy Birthday’ and to have a little blues ditty written in the magazine’s honour. You can hear both by clicking on the relevant links. It’s just a shame that the party I had half organised couldn’t take place but perhaps another time.

I’m wondering about the kind of reaction to the final end of the coronavirus lockdown – will people go wild celebrating to make up for lost partying time, as we have seen down south, or will there be quiet heads-down hard work to aim for quick recovery? There is talk of major shifts to come in all our lives, but we must wait and see. Meantime with good will I shall keep this show on the road as best I can while sending my wishes for full recovery to St Andrews businesses, organisations and citizens.

Stay safe, stay well, everyone.

Flora Selwyn

Issue 101 Cover

Susan Sinclair is the winner of the annual Art Club competition for the July/August front cover of St Andrews in Focus. Click here to read more about the painting.

Audio Visual Selection

Happy Birthday Bells (video) performed by Callum MacCleod, Chairman, St Andrews Community Council

St Andrews in Focus Blues (audio) Written and performed by Sir Peter Erskine of Cambo


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Recalling happier times, Lyn Moir contributed her photo of the harbour

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