Include Me

By Helen Glass, Senior Citizen Advocacy Development Worker

Include Me provides Citizen Advocacy services to adults aged between 16 and 65 living in North East Fife, who may be affected by learning disability, chronic illness, physical disability, dementia, personality disorder, brain injury, Autism spectrum disorder, or other mental health problems.

Advocacy is something people often take for granted; it happens when we speak up for ourselves, or someone does this on our behalf. We want to live in a society that will recognise, uphold, and protect the rights of all its citizens, ensuring that everyone is included, accepted, and treated with dignity.

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from Include Me’s help, you can contact the service yourself – or a friend, family member, or any involved professional can get in touch on your behalf.

Citizen Advocacy values the contribution ordinary people can make to the lives of people who are socially isolated, and disenfranchised, by matching volunteers from local communities with someone who experiences exclusion, or unfair treatment, and needs help to make decisions about their own lives.

People possess a variety of talents through their various life experiences. This can make a real difference to the life of a vulnerable, marginalised, or excluded person.

Include Me’s role is to create and support the development of long-term Advocacy Partnerships between two people, by recruiting, training, supporting volunteers to become Citizen Advocates.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us, please get in touch.

Telephone: (01334) 656 242 Email:

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