The Latest Children’s Book Recommendations

By J & G Innes Ltd

J & G Innes Ltd, South Street, provides a regularly updated list of highly recommended books for children. This list considers both the latest titles, and books that we feel have been undeservedly forgotten. We hope that this will prove helpful to those who seek to explore the wealth of children’s literature available today.

Here is one of the latest titles:

Hamish The Cat gets his own story books, in aid of charity. These illustrated stories follow Hamish on his adventures with his friends and the local children of St Andrews. The current four books and colouring book have recently been launched for sale in J & G Innes Ltd with proceeds from the book sales going to The Hamish Foundation, a St Andrews-based charity raising funds with a focus on projects to support young people and local St Andrews community initiatives.

“Young tom took a practice swing, then placed Morris the Magic Golf Ball on the tee…”

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