The New Sabbaticals

In their Own Words

Athletic Union President 

Hi, I’m Sophie, the Athletic Union President. My role is to represent St Andrews student sport at the University and also across the national stage. This means I oversee governance and strategy for the AU alongside line managing the AU teams responsible for engagement, volunteering, publicity, and events. This year my main focus is on how we can create a great sporting experience whilst keeping everyone safe. Currently, a big part of this is evaluating where training takes place and how we can facilitate more outdoor training for clubs that would normally train indoors. I am also exploring inter-club competitions and more local events with colleges and universities close to St Andrews.

My other main focus is to conduct consultations with various stakeholders with the aim of creating a strategy for the AU.

Director of Education

I’m Amy Gallacher, the Director of Education for this academic year. My remit covers all things education with key areas of personal focus being postgraduate studies and employability. As a student representative, an integral part of my role is to ensure the student voice is heard at all levels of the University. Currently, I am working closely with the School and Faculty Presidents, as well as various University working groups, to ensure parity of the student experience this academic year. A significant area of focus for us all is how to support students in their studies, whether that is remote or in person. I am also working to update the training delivered to all of our student representatives in order to make sure they are properly equipped for navigating the changing landscape of the coming year. Through my role I serve as a trustee of both the Students’ Association and the University of St Andrews.

Director of Events and Services

I’m Tom Groves, the Director of Events and Services for this year. My job would usually involve organising the Union’s big night-time events. This year, I’m instead focusing on providing support to the 150+ student societies, so they have all they need to run small events safely. The University has lots of outdoor spaces that tend to be forgotten, and I’d like to establish these as venues for small daytime events, once it’s safe to do so. With so many students returning to the town, it’s important to make sure there are plenty of safe event options to keep everyone entertained.

Director of Student Development and Activities

Hi, I’m Gavin. I’m the Director of Student Development and Activities. My role covers a few different things, but the main part of my job is to be responsible for Union subcommittees, as well as all the societies (through the Societies Committee). This year I’m working with the DoES Tom, to provide support for all the student events in the year. I’m also responsible for the Volunteering Portal, and overseeing the vast amount of volunteering that students in St Andrews do! Finally, with the DoEd Amy, I’m here to work with CEED and the Careers Centre for extra-curricular events and student development.

Director of Wellbeing

Hi everyone, my name is Emma Walsh and I am the Students’ Association Director of Wellbeing. My remit covers all areas involving mental, physical, and sexual health, as well as equal opportunities and representation. I am also in charge on internal democracy, so I will be leading the Students’ Association Elections in the spring, as well as the upcoming Rector Elections. This year, I am really focused on heightening the publicity of all of our student support systems, making sure they are accessible when needed in any area of the University. Taking care of your wellbeing is always important, but especially during this time of increased anxiety. Building support networks will be more important now than ever. As students settle back into the University routine, the Students’ Association is committed to doing its best to make sure students feel safe, welcomed, and happy in St Andrews.


Hello, my name is Dan, and I am the Students’ Association President for 2020/21. My role is to be a student advocate and representative, specifically in the areas of accommodation, widening access and outreach, sustainability and the environment, and alumni engagement. I also represent the student body on University Court and on local and national government. A major part of my role is making sure that the relationships within the student body are as strong as possible, also to help make sure that students understand St Andrews is more than just a University. Being aware of the community we live in, and are part of, is going to be more important than ever for students this year, so we will provide a lot of information and events, helping students to get to know St Andrews better. If you have any questions about the Students’ Association, or would like to work with us, please get in touch any time at

With thanks to Anna Young, the University’s Community Relations Office for organising the introductions.







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