How Well Do You Know St Andrews?

by Colin McAllister

I. Where would you find the Valley of Sin?

2. There is a building on The Scores called ‘Canmore’. What does Canmore mean?

3. Where did James Boswell and Dr Johnson stay when in St Andrews?

4. Where would you find a statue of St Andrew?

5. Who was Sir George Douglas?

6. Who was Gavin Douglas?

7. On which hole of the Old Course is Hell Bunker?

8. When was St James’ Church built?

9. What is the name of the Pole who invented a minesweeper and tested it on the West Sands during World War II?

10. What do the initials PH stand for?

11. Where would you find Gregory’s Meridian?

12. Where would you find the mast of the Cutty Sark Yacht?

13. Where is The Blue Stane?

14. Where is Queen Mary’s Thorn?

15. What do the initials GW stand for?

16 Where would you see a stone carving of David I, King of Scots?

17. Where are The Pends?

18. Where was the Dominican monastery?

19. Where are the Provost’s Lamps?

20. Who was James Haldenstane?

21 Who brought the bones of St Andrew to what is now St Andrews?

22. In what year were the bones brought here?

23. How many times did Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris win The Open Championship between them?

24. Where is The Eye of the Needle?

25. What is the motto of the town?


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